Helping women create a healthier and happier life from the inside out. Ditching the diet culture and focusing on real food for sustainable and lasting results.

It's so nice to meet you! I'm an Enneagram 6 who loves reading labels, wandering the grocery store, creating simple and healthy recipes that taste good too!!

I'm a busy mom on a mission to live a healthy lifestyle, through nourishment and food freedom, not restriction and deprivation.  I'm passionate about keeping healthy joyful, creative, and above all else sustainable!

My realistic approach as a certified health and nutrition coach is to help women like YOU have loads of energy and gain confidence from the inside out.

I believe a healthy lifestyle should be effective, balanced BUT ALSO enjoyable.

Hi there!

Diets don't work if you desire lasting change. If they did, people would have continued success losing weight and metabolic disorders wouldn't continue to rise. They are a short term solution.  Through my coaching method I am here to help you create and build a healthier life you love that's that's not only realistic and sustainable but also enjoyable.

These are a few ways we can work together. Whether through an interest in one-on-one coaching, group coaching, or curiosity in shopping meal plans or safer, cleaner beauty, I'm so grateful you found your way here.

Unlimited Text & Email Support + Grocery Store Guidance

Private Checkins with Adjustments

Lifestyle, Environment & Supplement Suggestions

Personalized Dietary Protocol

Complete Health Assessment


1:1 Coaching

Comprehensive guide & other resources for your new health upgrade

Are you ready to commit to your health and wellbeing and learn the foundations to a healthy lifestyle?

Together we will focus on healing your gut, decreasing inflammation, as well as building healthier lifestyle practices and habits that are unique to you!

Complete Health Assessment
Personalized Dietary Protocol
Lifestyle + Environment Recommendations
Supplement Suggestions
Private Checkins with Adjustments
Unlimited Text + Email Support
Grocery Store Guidance
Comprehensive Holistic Detox Guide
Other Helpful Resources

Two 20 minute video conference meetings as a group

Access to private group for support, motivation & accountability

Shopping List, Portion Guide & Progress Tracker

Include & Avoid Food List with Sample Meal Plan

Comprehensive Reset & Detox Guide


If you thrive in a group setting, with the support and accountability of women with similar goals this 21 day health upgrade may just what you've been looking for!!  With my guidance we will begin to increase your energy, regain mental clarity, minimize bloating, beat those sugar cravings, improve your sleep quality, and increase your motivation in under one month!

Group Coaching

Unlimited text support

Comprehensive Reset & Detox Guide
Include + Avoid List with Sample Menu
Pantry Essentials + Grocery List
Portion Guide + Progress Tracker
Private group for support+ accountability
Two 20 minute online meetings as a group
Unlimited text support

chrissy, group coaching

So happy with the results

I really enjoy Leah's reset, it taught me new habits and a way of clean eating that tastes good!  I loved the recipes and feel way less bloated.  I would definitely sign up for any of her programs.

Katherine, group coaching

What a great experience!

I learned so much, feel more energized and the recipes she provides are delicious and unique.  I got so many compliments on my skin, which was a nice bonus!  I took her group program and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Dalyce, group coaching

So much more than I ever expected

Leah's group program was so transformational for me.  Not only did I lose weight and inflammation I gained over the holidays that wasn't the best part for me.  I've always suffered with sinus swelling and congestion for years and after five days on her program I was no longer waking up with puffy eyes.  After day ten my congestion was completely gone!! I feel lighter, I'm sleeping better and best of all I'm not reaching for my sinus allergy spray at all.  This has sparked such a lifestyle change for me.

shannon, 1:1 coaching

Sleeping Better & More Energy

I had never done anything like this before and it was hard, but so worth it!! It honestly made me feel like myself again after so many years.  I am sleeping so well and have way more energy.  Her coaching is well done and is easy to follow with delicious recipes. I enjoyed it so much and haven't went back to my old habits. Thanks Leah!

meredith, group coaching

Simply laid-out and easy to follow

Her program was very easy to follow and wasn't complicated whatsoever.  She was quick to answer any questions I had too!  I work full time and am a busy mom, so I appreciated her simple recipes.  They were all so delicious and I've continued to integrate them into our weekly family mealplan. 

Amy, 1:1 coaching

I feel like a
New Person

My experience working with Leah was extremely positive and effective.  She is knowledgeable, thorough, kind, and flexible.  Within the first few days I had already noticed a significant difference in the way I was feeling and functioning.  After only one month, I felt like a new person.  I am sleeping better, have more energy, and just feel overall happier and healthier.  Thank you so much!

Jeanine, 1:1 coaching

No More Cravings!!

Leah's program isn't just about food, but also the spiritual, emotional, and physical we ingest that we need to watch out for.   I thought I had eating properly pretty much figured out, but she taught me so much more.  After the first few days I was sleeping better, feeling better, and had more energy in the day!! No more crash and burn by the time night time came. I also found that I no longer craved anything sweet after supper or mid day. 

vanessa, group coaching

Loved the Recipes

Leah's group coaching program allowed me to come away with a lot more knowledge about myself, my body and my needs. I also loved the recipes she provided, it was a good assortment of foods!! I will definitely be eating these on a regular basis to my kitchen routines!

Not sure if you're interested in coaching services, or maybe you're not sure we're the right fit for each other, after all - sometimes this whole thing is new or seems scary!  I hear you!!  Book a free 20 minute call, this gives us a quick opportunity to get to know each other.  I can learn more about your current situation, what your goals are and what has been challenging thus far with reaching them.

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